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Taking care of our territories

We support you in the deployment and success of your public policies

Whatever your entity is State, Local authorities, EPCI, associated structures (public institutions, SEM...), associated partners (associative sector, service providers, concessionaires...) our Experts support you in the deployment and success of your public policies.

Thanks to the inventories and the diagnosesyou can base your strategy and develop your orientations in the form of operational action plans we support you to optimize your resourcesto manage and evaluate your public policies.

Exco Public Sector

Head of the Public Sector Commission


Do you want to control and manage the risks associated with the use of public funds and delegated management?
Do you need to improve and optimize the organization and management of your services?

EXCO experts provide a committed opinion on the fulfilment of your obligations

Your issues

Your environment requires a allocation optimization of resources and reaffirmed support for economic actors in a context of reduced public finances and decentralization.

The regulatory requirements are increasing, particularly those relating to the transparency of fund allocations and the strengthening of control over the funds granted.

The multiplication, the diversity of beneficiaries or delegates and the constant evolution of ecosystems complicate your approach.

Our approach

After a period of familiarization with the environment (internal and external), the Exco experts analyse the regulatory and conventional constraints related to your structure and issues.

The objective is to establish a analysis critique of the existing situation (human resources, material resources, organisational arrangements) and to draw up the diagnosis, synthesis of dysfunctions.

Our experts advise you on prioritizing recommendations and the actions to be carried out and by constituting the action plan.

Chartered accountant, audit, consulting, taxation,...

Our know-how


Our Exco experts provide you with local, personalised and independent support, thanks to a multidisciplinary, homogeneous team led by a single contact person.

They are based on technical expertise and an understanding of the risks associated with the use of public funds, reinforced by our field knowledge of the voluntary sector and the delegation of public services.

Finally, our teams share multiple experiences and a constant updating of knowledge to offer you high-performance advice.

  • Verify the correct use of public funds and their optimization

  • Manage the risks of delegating public services

  • Optimize the organization and quality management of services

  • Secure public procurement through compliance audits and assistance to project owners

  • Statutory audit of public structures

  • Support the accounting and financial functions

  • Supporting the Amiable Compensation Commissions

  • Take charge of collective approaches to VSEs and SMEs: business creation, international development, access to public markets, etc.

  • Organize the dematerialization of purchasing processes, public procurement and financial flows

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