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This key sector of the national economy is directly subject to climatic hazards and regulatory changes. The knowledge of the financial and administrative mechanisms beyond operational performance is an essential element for optimizing farm income and the production value-added industry.

Exco helps you to control the fiscal and social framework of your operation, to adapt to regulatory constraints, to optimize its results, to succeed in the major stages of the life of your operation and to be integrated into the value chains. Our will is to make your projects grow, to allow them to become a reality in this fascinating and exciting activity.

Thanks to our consultants and agri specialists on the one hand but also to our experts Exco Consulting we support you in meeting the challenges of the new agriculture and a new economy Sustainable agriculture, energy performance, technological and digital innovations, short circuits, agrotourism, collaborative economy, food challenge (arrival of Amazon among others...).

Our Agri offers

  • Creation or takeover of the operation
  • Management and Development of Operations
  • Transmission of the operation
PATRICE LABORDEChartered Accountant at Eauze

Certified Public Accountant Partner - Head of Agri Sector
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"Farmers must be able to take advantage of ongoing resolutions (technology, new business models, sustainable development, food and health) to better capture and repair the added value produced."

Chartered Accountant Partner - Head of Agri Sector

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News Terres by Exco is a new generation entrepreneurial program that allows entrepreneurs with potential from the same sector to work together with all the actors in the ecosystem who have an interest in their success.

Designed by Exco and its partners, this first edition, devoted to Agriculture, brought together nearly 150 participants.

"Innovation comes from the meeting of different sectors, different actors. We want to promote cooperative values and approaches. »

MAGALI VILLENAVEDirector of Development and Innovation Exco FSO

Chartered accountant, audit, consulting, taxation,...

Our Agriculture and Agri-Food offers


Management-and-development-of-your operation

Installation, creation, takeover of your operation

  • Assistance with the installation process (administrative formalities for installation)
  • Forecast study
  • Acquisition audit
  • Assistance in finding funding
  • Obtaining grants and subsidies
  • Choice of the legal, fiscal and social status of the farm
  • Choice of the legal, fiscal and social status of the operator
Installation - creation-takeover of your farm operation

Management and development of your operation

  • Keeping your accounts and tax returns
  • Cost calculation & marketing thresholds
  • Methanisation projects
  • Real estate investment projects (cottages, guest rooms...)
  • Tax optimization BA
    Preparation of pay slips, social declarations and employment contracts
  • Implementation of an economic dashboard or cash flow budget
  • Implementation of cost accounting
  • Strategic thinking and organization
  • Budgetary and forecasting approach of your projects
  • Optimization of status and transition to a company
  • IT solutions

Transfer of your business

  • Evaluation of the operation
  • Assistance in transmission & mediation
  • Search for solutions for asset optimization
Executive-Operator Council

And you? Executive/Operator Council

  • Study and optimization of retirement
  • Compensation optimization
  • Support at retirement
  • Heritage study

Our customers in the Press....


Being a farmer today means being an expert, an entrepreneur and a visionary.

La ferme de la Patte d'Oie is located in St Michel in the Gers, the Peres family has been raising ducks there for 30 years, meeting Philippe the uncle, Maxime, the nephew, with two generations.

What is the change, the rupture that most disrupts your profession as a farmer today?

Maxime Peres:
Avian influenza and the new standards that result from it have a daily impact on our profession as farmer-breeders. For the past 2 years, we have had to face a production stoppage, and the implementation of rules,...

Philippe Peres

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