Legal & tax

Our teams provide your legal and tax support

The facts and your decisions are linked to the legal and tax framework of your activity. It is essential to understand your environment and, more specifically, your business strategy in order to better analyze the legal and tax consequences of the transactions you undertake.

Solutions adapted to each situation

For each of the challenges you share with us, there is a corresponding organization of people and skills in legal and tax matters. Our ambition is to provide you with tailor-made solutions to meet the constraints of the regulatory environment, while integrating into the will and strategy of your company.

A different vision

Beyond a new vision, our experts allow you to step back and be accompanied in a secure environment, in order to measure the consequences of the orientations you are giving to the company.

Of course, our experts benefit from an experienced look at your business, from years of experience in consulting for executives but also from a pragmatic vision of the market where its client operates.

Indeed, our experts complement their technical monitoring on our fields of expertise with observation and exchange on the markets at local, national and international level. To this end, Exco has developed sector commissions and business departments. Experts from all firms meet regularly to exchange and develop innovative solutions for our clients.

Proven know-how

The teams at your service, who share methods and tools, are trained to support you in the following areas:

  • legal secretary
  • business and economic law
  • tax legislation
  • assistance in transfer and transmission


Research and Development is specifically oriented to your needs so that Exco experts are the best partners for your company.

Concrete benefits

Exco's intervention allows us to integrate a dynamic approach into the management of legal and tax constraints.

Exco's professional teams provide a solution, always personalized.

The advice of a professional allows you to concentrate your efforts on the operational management of your company, while being guaranteed compliance with legal obligations.

Exco provides you with a wide range of services adapted to the legal follow-up of your company.

Clear operation

Exco has set up a clear organization to ensure a high quality of result in the missions we lead for you:

  • A clear and precise definition of our mission

  • You have a single, long-term contact person within the firm

  • The teams involved in the missions have access to internal monitoring and expertise units

  • The missions give rise to a personalised presentation allowing an enriched presentation for a better understanding of our work


  • Creation of a company
  • Choice of legal form
  • Drafting of the statutes
  • General Assembly
  • Capital increase
  • Shareholders' agreement
  • Conventions
  • Tax returns
  • Compensation strategy...


  • Have independent, objective and clear opinions from professionals whose know-how is constantly updated
  • Have a pragmatic analysis of the situation so that you can make informed decisions
  • Identify the risks inherent to your challenges with a professional who can control them
  • Be assured on a daily basis of the management of your environmental and economic constraints
  • Optimize the impact of taxation on business
  • To be assisted in the implementation of new projects
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