Assistance in litigation - investigation of financial fraud

We act at the request of companies and their lawyers, to assist them before litigation, in economic and financial disputes or in the face of competitive commitments.

Our experience in litigation expertise is based on nearly twenty years of practice, both for civil and appellate courts and for commercial and administrative courts. We intervene without delay in order to delimit the issues, establish the incident, promote the preservation of evidence and support the quantified claims.

The complementarity of our expertise allows us to have a good knowledge of the businesses and organizations of companies as well as the specificity of the judicial world.

Our involvement in the expertise bodies allows us to develop our practices to best address the issues of forensic accounting, fraud and risk expertise of organizations.

Évaluation d'une réclamation indemnitaire

Évaluation d’une réclamation indemnitaire

Les experts Exco se mobilisent sur l’ensemble du territoire pour vous accompagner vous aider dans vos démarches actuelles.

Le pôle Expertise Investigation et Contentieux se tient également prêt à l’évaluation d’une réclamation indemnitaire future liée aux préjudices subis durant cette période sans précédent (perte d’exploitation, surcoûts induits, perte de chance…)

The Forensics service line (Investigation and Litigation Expertise) is managed by partners renowned for their judicial and litigation practice.

Our missions

  • Expertise of justice on mission entrusted by the courts

  • Party expertise or technical assistance to companies, professionals and shareholders in litigation

  • Intervention as arbitrator or experts in national and international arbitration or mediation proceedings

  • Independent mandates for transactions of interest to the Competition Authority

  • Investigations of fraud or non-compliance

Strong points

  • Historical practice of expertise in litigation situations

  • Good knowledge of both the current professions and organisations of companies and the specificities of the judicial world

  • Interventions systematically carried out in compliance with ethical and objectivity rules

  • Proven expertise in assisting in the implementation or audit of risk management and fraud prevention systems

  • Involvement in forensic expertise, professional certifications in forensic accounting and fraud examination

Litigation - Expertise and assistance

These interventions require a good knowledge of the current businesses and organizations of companies and the specificities of the judicial world. It is also essential that the client, the financial consultant and the lawyer cooperate actively as soon as the incident arises or as soon as the risk of litigation becomes known. The management of evidence is essential.

Operational benefits:

  • Strong involvement of the expert partner

  • A legal-accounting "pivot" helps to manage the missions, experienced managers contribute to in-depth technical analyses

  • An ability to carry out flash audits at short notice on significant topics

  • Longstanding involvement in party expertise, pre-litigation assistance or during the legal expertise or discovery phases

Fraud - Investigation and prevention

The risks of fraud are increasing, with the accentuation of decentralized organizations and the globalization of management and control systems. The prevention of fraud risks is part of a compliance approach, in line with the continuity of audit missions but with a particular focus on the risks of circumventing processes.

We identify potential problem areas in the organization through:

  • Our transversal and complementary know-how by division

  • Our expertise in organizations and information systems

  • Our mastery of the quest for information

  • In addition, we have proven expertise in assisting in the implementation or audit of risk management and fraud prevention systems (in conjunction with knowledge of American and Canadian practices in fraud expertise: forensic accounting, fraud examination)

J’ai besoin d’assistance pour un litige ou d’une investigation de fraudes financières

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    Emmanuel Charrier - Auditor and Chartered Accountant in Paris

    Emmanuel Charrier
    Auditor and Chartered Accountant in Paris

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