International development: the French Desk Exco

Our area of intervention is international, wherever you go, Exco accompanies you

Like you, we develop our presence abroad!

Our ability to support you abroad takes shape through a strong international policy.

Exco is directly located in Poland, with 5 offices in WarsawKrakow, Gdansk, Radom and Wroclaw, to Portugalin Porto, North Africa, French-speaking Africa, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Gabon, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Congo, Togo, where the firms Exco Africa are implemented. Exco is located in the United Stateswith cabinets at Salt Lake CityMiami, Los Angeles and San Diego.

Contact our specialists for setting up abroad

    Each of these firms, as a member of Exco, shares the same values of the profession, has access to the same technical and technological tools and methods as your local accountant in France. The entire network is subject to the same technical requirements.

    Proven know-how....

    Teams at your service share methods and tools, and are trained to support you in the following areas:

    • Establishment of a legal structure.
    • Acquisition of foreign structure.
    • Support for export operations.
    • Legal and tax advice.
    • Management of your human resources and social obligations of employees abroad and expatriate staff....

    ... for a successful international presence

    Our international approach consists in collaborating with the best technical correspondents who are familiar with the specific regulations of the destination country.

    We analyse with you the global consequences of possible solutions.

    Exco adopts a global offer approach to allow you to pursue your projects in complete safety.

    Solutions adapted to each situation

     For each project you carry out, there is an organisation of people and skills in the destination country. In order to ensure your business abroad, the foreign local teams always work closely with your local teams.

    Concrete benefits

    Exco's commitment to you includes your personalized support abroad.

    • The Exco team remains the backbone in the development and management of your project abroad

    • Each Exco firm provides you with the guarantee of an employee who is fluent in at least English.

    • Exco is organised so that abroad, you can benefit from the same range of services adapted to your needs in the fields of accounting, auditing, legal, tax or social consulting as you are used to in France


    • Wherever you are, have independent, objective and clear advice from professionals whose expertise is constantly updated
    • Benefit from a pragmatic analysis of the situation to enable you to make informed decisions in the context of your operations abroad
    • Identify the risks inherent to your challenges with a professional who can control them
    • Optimize the economic, legal, fiscal and social impact of your project, both on the head office and abroad
    • To be assisted in the implementation of new projects as well as in their daily management
    • Be assured that your environmental and economic constraints are taken care of
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